A.S.Shipping Agencies have developed empty yards at, Chennai and Tuticorin for economical storage, refurbishment service and to improve empty container utilization equipped with escort cranes capable of handling empties up to 3 high. Its strategic location in both the locations minimizes the pick-up / drop-off cost from all major Container freight Stations and Industrial hubs.

Chennai CFS

For economical storage, refurbishment service and to improve empty container utilization ASSA has supplemented the CFS in Chennai with a well-equipped empty handling yard in Minjur.

The facility has a sprawling 4 acre hard surface land, built 2 feet high over road level to avoid water logging with a storage space of about 1200 TEUs at any point of time.

In addition to the 24x7 Security Service the empty yard depot has backup power packs and provides reefer points too.

Tuticorin Yard

ASSA also has the empty yard operation at Tuticorin since 2014. It is easily accessible from most of the CFS facilities and is at a distance of 7 Km from Tuticorin Port.

Spread over 4.5 acres fully developed surface land, this facility is built 4 feet high over road level to prevent water logging and has a storage space of about 3500 TEUs.

A well fenced boundary with 24x7 Security services and reefer points makes it convenient for customer to cut-down equipment inventory cost.

Repair Facilities

Both yards provide repair and refurbishment for all types and sizes of containers. Our engineers can carry out container repairs, fit new parts, modification work, welding & fabrication work, reshaping and repainting.

Inspection and repairs at our empty yard are done by our reliable contractors having a rich experience of over 3 decades.

All the Inspectors are experienced for about 10+ years in shipping lines’ cargo worthy inspection for IICL5 standards and we use only Shipping line’s approved materials for repairs.