Mrs Bulbul Gupta,

Mrs. Bulbul Gupta is the Chairperson of The Greenways Group of Companies headquartered in Chennai, India. She graduated from Stella Maris College, Chennai, India with highest academic honours.

Greenways Group operates in 12 locations across India and handles dry cargo in various forms, containerized, breakbulk and bulk. The group’s services include container freight stations, container yards, breakbulk cargo stockyards, transport with owned trucks and trailers, port stevedoring, customs clearance, and freight forwarding.

Mrs. Bulbul Gupta has been exposed to the shipping and logistics business throughout her adult life. Initially, she worked with her husband and travelled extensively. This real world experience gave her practical knowledge and insight into both business and people.

After her husband’s demise, Mrs. Bulbul Gupta worked with her father and took on a more hands on responsibility for the family business. Her initial focus was in the area of Finance. Subsequent to her father’s demise, Mrs. Bulbul Gupta has taken over as Chairperson of the group.

Mrs. Bulbul Gupta has had a rich and varied life and she has had the good fortune of having lived, studied and worked in north, east, west and south India. This exposure has helped her to take on general management responsibilities in the family business.